mediate online

Connect online, wherever you happen to be. With tools like videoconferencing, email and instant messaging, Online Mediation is a secure, convenient and confidential way for individuals to “meet” to resolve their divorce, family and business disputes.

Today all of us conduct most of our business and personal communication on the phone or online. With the advent of such tools as Skype, WhatsApp, facetime etc. physicians and psychotherapists are already successfully “meeting” with clients and performing sophisticated diagnoses through this medium as a cost-effective alternative to in-person consultations.

Experience has shown us that online communication using videoconferencing is just as effective and it allows busy people, individuals who may be home-bound, those who live in different states or countries, or those who have difficulty confronting one another in-person, to finally have the opportunity to be heard and, with our help, resolve their differences.

After you have your initial, free consultation with one of our professionals and you determine that Online Mediation is right for you, we will match you with one of our certified mediators or professional partners, depending on the concerns you’ve described.

Interested in Online Mediation? Call us or write an email to set up a free consultation session or to find out more. Interested, but not sure if you have the right equipment? Don't worry! We will help you with everything you need to get connected now!